UNR Med's Fundraiser

Help us provide shelter and medical services to the local communities in the Dominican Republic!

By donating you are helping us provide relief to the local community!

$2,350 towards $17,000

We are writing to you in the hopes that we have your support in sending medical students from the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine to the Dominican Republic this June on a medical mission trip. Many of the small towns in the Dominican Republic are devoid of trained physicians, the infrastructure to receive medical treatment, and the supplies and medicine that are necessary for treatment. The program we are traveling with, Bridges to Communities, provides the medical care that these people desperately need in these desolate areas. During our two weeks abroad, we will be improving the town's infrastructure through a variety of projects (building latrines, improving buildings, creating roads, etc.) and practicing quality medicine under the care of a Reno community physician. These two weeks are critical for ensuring the continuation of health and disease prevention in these remote communities and provide medical students with a life-changing experience that will better their skills as future physicians.

Although we are ready and committed to serving underserved patients abroad, the cost of the trip is something that we cannot afford alone. The trip's cost, $1,700, not only pays for our food, lodging, and transportation within the country but also helps set up new clinics in rural areas. This allows future medical students and local physicians to have the infrastructure to practice better medicine. Unfortunately, the total cost of the trip is not feasible for students who are currently relying on loans to fund their medical education. We currently have a fundraising goal of $17,000 to finance ten medical students. With your support and tax-deductible donation, we hope to make our dream of going to the Dominican Republic with Bridges to Community a reality!